Fire Door
Cold rolled steel made fire doors have significant role in ensuring safety of the occupants of any fire affected structure. Red in color, these fire rated doors are available in different diameter and weight based options.

Insulated Metal Doors
Available in different dimensions, Insulated Metal Doors have exceptional insulation features. Based on specific requirements of customers, these doors are available in inverted top and bottom end design, full flush faces and edges design options.

Fireproof Steel Doors
Available in off white color, Fireproof Steel Doors have maximum 3 hours to 4 hours of fire protection capacity.  Cold rolled steel made body of these fire proof doors is completely rust proof and high temperature protected.

Hollow Metal Steel Doors
Hollow Metal Steel Doors are available in 30 mins/60 mins/120 mins fire rated specifications. Fire testing standard of these steel doors conforms to IS and BS specifications. Quick to install, these doors are maintenance free.

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